Thanks to the speakers , vendors, sponsors, volunteers and attendees to make the 2015 conference such a success!!!!

The OSRAS Annual Reef Aquarium Conference will be on April 19th, 2015. This being our third year we expect to break our attendence record again as we did at our 2014 conference. OSRAS always has hobbyists from the novice to the advanced, saltwater fish and coral reefers. This addictive hobby brings together hobbyists that share their tank makeup, style and pet livestock that they have. All of us come to to a frag swap and conference with a wish list of corals and fish we would like to have. The conference is full of exhibitors and vendors from across the country that will help fill your list! So make sure to bring a cooler!! Most vendor corals are coral-farmed and aquarium bred. The OSRAS conference always has well-known speakers who share their knowledge and personal experiences. This year's speakers are James Fatherree, who's topic is "Clams and Their Upkeep", and Mark Callahan (Mr Saltwater Tank)who's topic is "TBA". Also their are child tables so you can make it a family day.(kids under 12 free!) Before relaxing at the delicious dinner from the Crowne Plaza Hotel, there is a huge raffle with thousands of dollars of fish,corals and aquarium equipment from generous sponsors. Dont fret if you dont win a prize at the conference raffle. There is also a Special Dinner raffle. The Crowne Plaza Hotel has five star room accomodations with a large number of various facilities. Check out the OSRAS Conference discount room prices. See you there!!

The crowd at OSRAS conference 2014



Sanjay Joshi and attendees checking out corals at OSRAS conference 2014.

James Fatherree    Mark Callahan
Special Dinner Speaker

Chad Clayton "Reef Nutrition"

is bringing a touch tank for the kids!!!